Guidance on technical bonds for companies

technical guarantees for companies

Technical guarantees for companies are widely used by companies that operate with Public Administration. We are going to explain what technical guarantees are, the difference among them and financial guarantees and how it benefits your company to present them by means of surety insurance.   What is a technical bond and what is its function? The technical guarantee is a type of guarantee that reinforces the obligation to provide a service or benefit that does not involve the disbursement of money...

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Surety Insurance: what it is, types and how to hire it

Surety insurance

A surety bond is an agreement between three (3) parties: the guarantor (Insurer), the beneficiary (counterparty), and the policyholder (client). The Insurer guarantees the Beneficiary that the policyholder will comply with the contract terms. Sometimes companies need to issue a financial guarantee before a third party and Surety Insurance is the most economical and the fastest way to do it. The beneficiary can be either a Public Body or a private entity. Usually, companies, SMEs, or freelancers ...

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3 keys for renewable energy investors in Spain


Spain is an interesting market for investing in renewable energies. As a specialised insurance brokers, we provide with relevant information for investors and installations promoters, such as investment data, trends, or Government's new plans.    1. Bond for access to the grid point  The promoter or investor is obliged by law to issue before the Administration a guarantee or surety insurance policy for grid points. This is stated by Royal Decree Law 15/2018, which establishes the amount of 40 €/...

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