3 keys for renewable energy investors in Spain


Spain is an interesting market for investing in renewable energies. As a specialised insurance brokers, we provide with relevant information for investors and installations promoters, such as investment data, trends, or Government's new plans. 


1. Bond for access to the grid point 

The promoter or investor is obliged by law to issue before the Administration a guarantee or surety insurance policy for grid points. This is stated by Royal Decree Law 15/2018, which establishes the amount of 40 €/kW for new installations, which is four times higher than the previous one.

Let us give you an example. A promoter of a renewable energy installation of 300 MW must provide with a bond for the value of 12,000,000 euros (the result of multiplying 300,000 kW by 40 €/kW) as a guarantee.

This guarantee must be deposited long before the first euro of profit is generated. As many others investments will follow, it is neither convenient nor practical to have money withheld. 

In these cases, the surety bond is the star product. It operates in a very similar way to any other insurance product. It is paid annually and has the advantage before similar products (bank guarantee) that there is no record of the debt (CIRBE)  and no money needs to be tied up. If you are interested, don't hesitate to call us. We are able to provide you with products that will adapt to your project regardless how large or small it may be. 


2. Foreign investment in Spanish renewable energy is raising

Spain is a famous country for its coast and sun, one of the most attractive aspects for investors of renewable energies. Although the recession slowed down both foreign and local investment in the country, since 2012 gross investment has increased from an annual figure of 20,000 million euros to 33,000 million euros in 2016. 

Green energies industry continues growing in Europe and the plans of the EU point in this very same  direction. In 2019, only Germany and France were preferred over Spain by European investors. These figures are positive even in a situation in which world investment in renewables is falling (at the end of 2018 recorded investments had fallen 8% compared with 2017), which is largely due to China's new restrictions.


3. Spain needs new installations of 50,000-60.000 MW by 2030

The New Directive of Renewable Energy agreed on by the institutions of the European Union has set the objective that 32% of electricity must be produced by renewables before 2030. 

Indeed some experts venture to say that the goal will be more ambitious and will be revised during this period. In this context, Spain needs to promote the installation of new renewables and will need to put up for auction between 5,000 and 6 000 MW per year. According to the Government´s schedule, in January 2019, the sector will need investments of around 60-70 thousand millions in scarcely a decade. 


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If you have decided to invest in the renewable energy sector in Spain, we will help you to find the most suitable surety product for you. Call us and we will give you a quotation within 48 hours!


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